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AxioMode Limited is a UK company based in London with the aim of improving how all organisations work.

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In building this map the very confidence you have in the ability to execute on the plan is captured, highlighting areas that need further thought to reduce the risks. It also exposes the value of each element of the plan in relation to the overall goal. High value yet low cost elements can uncover key differentiators while high cost low value elements can be avoided, outsourced or re-thought so the overall plan becomes optimised. The AxioView also tracks where your customers influence the plan so external changes can be reacted to as they happen. Once the plan is defined you can start to drill down on the Key Performance Indicators that make sense in delivering the outcome you need. These will be tracked during delivery, yet how they are achieved is up to those best placed to decide this, the delivery teams themselves. Inbuilt option analysis ensures teams can explore all of their choices and optimises the decision making process both in terms of the teams targets and the impact on the overall goal.

Finally delivery is tracked in real-time allowing rapid response to changes in a complex environment. All of this serves to ensure you keep on target to succeed and on target to deliver what your customers really demand.

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