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AxioMode Limited is a UK company based in London with the aim of improving how all organisations work.

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turbulent business environment

In today’s turbulent business environment management are forced continuously to review the robustness of their strategy, evaluate and choose between multiple options, and re-direct and re-plan projects. The tools to do this are diverse, and the skills usually reside with different functions. Compounding the problem there is often little real evidence on which to base decisions. As a result success rates for change projects of all kinds are notoriously low and employees become confused and demotivated, exacerbating the problem.

Strategic planning
Decision support
Project managment

Axiomode replaces existing tools with a single, highly visual, interface for modelling strategy, just-in-time decision-making and implementation planning. The effect is to unify and motivate the workforce each of whom can see the intent of the strategy, understand their contribution to the plan and participate in decision about how to achieve the results they are charged with delivering. The benefits include optimal resource allocation, reduced organisational risk, improved results and dramatically reduced waste... we term this Business Results Engineering.

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